A project that connects a digital and physical game

De Achterzomer is a small learning game made for children who visit the Open Air Museum in Arnhem. De Achterzomer teaches the players about how mill were used in the 17th century by Jan Leeghwater as he was involved in the reclamation of the Beemster polder.

De Achterzomer is a game that connects two different worlds, the digital world en the physical world. The game had a small scale wooden mill in which the players had to rearrange the gears to get the mill to work again, all while taking care of their digital world and making sure the dikes don’t break.

During this project I was active during the conceptual phase and I was responsible for creating the physical mill and user testing.

I'm currently looking for an intership for 2017-2018!

If you are interested please contact me!