A real life exploring game

Radio Code-Wijk is a family friendly game for everyone which combines digital puzzels and physical walking. The players have to help the opposition and are supposed to intercept the enemies train with ammo. To do this they have to uncover the arrival time, point of departure, destination and platform number of the train.

To do this players should first obtain a radio frequency at the console, they can enter the given frequency on their phone and walk around looking for the next code. Once they have found this code it can be used to unlock a new puzzle at the console. The end of this puzzle will give the players a piece of information they need to intercept the train.

For the puzzles you hear a distorted audio fragment, the players have to use sliders, buttons and cables to make the audio fragment understandable. During this project I was active during the conceptual phase and I was responsible for designing and building the console, creating the user interface and user testing.

I'm currently looking for an intership for 2017-2018!

If you are interested please contact me!